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As this is an important event in your life, a marriage proposal must be carried out according to the rules of the art. In addition to the choice of place and time, you must choose the ring that you are going to offer to the young lady. If you are of a conservative nature, the diamond is confirmed to be the most recommended stone for this type of jewel. However, you need to define the shape of the diamond.

Classic round diamond

Both aesthetic and timeless, a dazzling round brilliant cut diamond ring is a perfect choice for your future wife. It is a precious stone offering more than 57 facets. The classic round diamond is the most popular shape among buyers. Therefore, it is very common in the diamond market. Many people see this shape of diamond as a more successful choice thanks to its symmetry, its dimensions as well as its polishing. Indeed, it offers a very high shine and shine, and has the advantage of adapting to any budget.

The princess shape

Generally square and rectangular in shape, the princess cut is the best alternative to the round diamond. It has an elegant and classic character even if it retains a more modern appearance thanks to its well-emphasized angles. This is the shiniest diamond shape on the market after the round.

The other particularity of the princess shape is that it is offered at a more attractive price compared to the round brilliants. This being due to the fact that it hides tiny inclusions and shadows.

The cushion shape

A cushion-shaped diamond ring , as its name suggests, has the appearance of a pillow. Often it is square or rectangular in shape. It is one of the most favored sizes for an engagement ring. Although it is very vivacious, the cushion shape is not too bright compared to the round shape. However, it offers various facets allowing it to sparkle effectively. One of the peculiarities of this shape is that it is possible to associate 2 diamonds side by side.

The oval shape

Both brilliant and modern, an oval-shaped diamond highlights personal style. This is the most affordable option among the diamond cuts offered on the market. Although it has only been marketed since the 1950s, it is beginning to attract more and more individuals. All the elements that make it up, namely its heads, shoulders and flat stomach, are positioned symmetrically.

The pear shape

Commonly referred to as a teardrop or teardrop, a pear shape is prized for its elegance. Combining radiance and delicacy, it stands out for its exquisite beauty. It is one of the most expensive diamond shapes in the world. However, you can get them at a more affordable price by making a concession on size and frame. Its first appearance dates back to the 18th century , but the pear shape continues to dazzle many women.

emerald cut

The emerald cut is only offered in a rectangular shape. In other words, it retains the original appearance of the diamond. Admittedly, it does not offer a very high brilliance but proves to be a better option to adorn your diamond ring.

Asscher Size

The Asscher shape has a strong resemblance to emerald. However, it is only available in square. As it offers various proportions, this diamond cut has a high brilliance.

Triangular Trillium

Often used as an accent stone, the triangular triangular shaped diamond can be an excellent choice to embellish your engagement ring. It is especially prized by jewelers for its unusual effect.

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