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In the procession of the bride and groom, the children of honor have a place of choice. Most often, they precede the bride at the entrance to the church to the sound of a religious theme or solemn music. A strong symbol in the tradition of religious marriage, they accompany the future spouses in their union and are carefully chosen by the future bride and groom. They also turn out to be a way of involving family and friends in the organization of the wedding.

On the other hand, the children have a role during the ceremony. Holding the train of the bride, bringing the wedding rings or doing the collection at the church, they can be more or less empowered, depending on the wishes of the bride and groom. Close to the couple, the children are aged from three to ten years old and of a rather calm nature so as not to disturb the rest of the procession. In order to create a nice set, opt for children of similar sizes and limit their number to six to preserve a minimum of concentration. Remember to ask the photographer to immortalize the children of the procession from the first moments of the wedding in order to have impeccable outfits (and which do not remain so for long). At the end of the ceremony, the children of honor come out first to throw the grains of rice, the petals or to blow the soap bubbles on the newlyweds.

Wedding: what to throw for the church exit of the bride and groom?

With the desire to create the most adorable procession, the children’s outfit is a key element. The clothes must be suitable for the youngest, be comfortable and pleasant to wear, while being coordinated. Follow the advice of Pauline Chaboud Ruiz, creator of Les Petits Inclassables, a collection of customizable formal wear, to dress the children of honor at a wedding in style.
Choose procession outfits after the bride’s dress

In keeping with the outfit of the bride and groom, the clothes chosen for the procession are also in line with the decoration or the theme of the wedding to create a certain visual unity. “Defining the outfits of the procession once the bride’s dress has been validated has the advantage of being able to give a frame for the color code, the accessories or the style of the rather chic or bohemian children”, decrypts Pauline Chaboud Ruiz, creator of Les Petits Unclassifiable.

Wait until the last moment to validate the sizes and order the outfits for the procession

While we would like to prepare everything in advance, some things can only be defined at the last moment. In particular the size of the procession outfits.  Start taking measurements four months before the ceremony and, for the little ones under two years old, one month before D-Day. , also make sure beforehand of the possibilities of return, exchange or refund with the chosen designer.

Work the colors of the procession with care

In the game of colors, it is not always easy to juggle between the different tones, desires and fashions according to the seasons. It is best to carefully choose the colors of the procession to avoid missteps.

Among the many shades of white, the color of flower girl dresses for little girls can be similar to the white of the bride’s dress. As long as it’s not a headache! “If there is a hundredth difference in tone between natural white and ivory, no stress! Pauline Chaboud Ruiz quips. This detail (which is often not one for the bride and groom) will take a back seat when the pretty little procession makes its entrance. For the boys, some brides choose white shirts with ivory pants to cut through. »

In order to keep a nice set, also limit the number of colors. “It is essential to avoid multiplying the colors in an outfit, specifies the designer. As with the decoration theme, we limit ourselves to a maximum of four colors. »

In the same way, it is advisable not to associate two strong shades.  turquoise,” advises Pauline Chaboud Ruiz.

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