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On the occasion of the launch of the Les Petits Inclassables collection , I have the pleasure of welcoming Pauline Chaboud Ruiz, creator of the brand. Here are her expert tips for choosing the right outfits for your wedding procession .

How to choose the children of honor of the wedding?

Prefer children of similar size, who are not too young, and that you will be able to match. This vision of the procession, very widespread in Latin and Anglo-Saxon countries, is after all traditional but so cute! If you want to make a child stand out more than the others, add a bow tie or flower crown accessory, for example.

The children of honor: Make them happy

If there are not many children, please them in choosing the outfits or accessories, they will be even more proud of it than bringing the wedding rings! Procession out fit The choice of materials.

Choose as much as possible breathable and pleasant materials such as cotton or linen, especially if the ceremony is in the middle of summer. Say goodbye to the sweaty polyester suit or the itchy unlined tulle dress.

Procession outfit: The choice of style

Match the style of the outfits according to the theme of the wedding. A traditional lace wedding does not have the same look as a 20s wedding in gold and black or bohemian with flower crowns and macrame. So opt for outfits whose look is directly identified with the desired style.

What timing to respect for the purchase of outfits?

In terms of timing, the outfits for the children of honor cannot be bought too far in advance. Flee if you are sold models a year before the wedding! It is advisable to wait 4 months before the ceremony for older children and 2 months for babies to be within the ideal time frame for taking measurements. At this stage, there is little risk that your close guard will have a growth spurt of more than 10cm  .☺

Parade outfit: Who pays the bill?

Even if it is traditionally the bride and groom who take care of the purchase of the outfits, it is quite common for it to be the parents of the children of honor who take care of it today. Also, to get them more involved in choosing THE outfit, create a little atmosphere page with your 3 favorite models and do a little survey so that they can give you their opinion 😉

The Little Unclassifiables

The Les Petits Inclassables® brand is aimed at babies, children and teenagers from 6 months to 14 years old. At the heart of the brand, poetry and elegance rhyme with comfort and relaxation. The quality of designer clothes, in the choice of worked cuts and noble and soft materials such as linen, silk, or cotton poplins etc…, can be personalized with more than 25 colors of accessories (belts and bow ties ‘ in satin, suspenders, crowns, etc. A bohemian style for girls, dandy for boys, with a trendy retro touch, for inimitable and up-to-date outfits for parties and ceremonies.

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