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The grooming of the future bride does not start just 2 days before the wedding. It’s a long process. It is important that the bride to be takes care of her body, her skin and her hair several months in advance to be radiant on the big day. The beauty of the bride goes through several stages: the hairstyle , the manicure and of course the makeup. It’s up to you to see if you prefer to entrust your wedding makeup to a professional. Or, you can do it yourself. One thing is certain, it will take a little time, so you might as well have some tips in hand.

Getting Started: Prep Your Skin

5 to 6 months before the wedding, it is necessary to prepare the skin of your face. The goal is to avoid any kind of pimple on the big day. Also plan to do 2 to 3 masks and scrubs per week to properly hydrate your skin.

wedding makeup

If you want to have a slightly tanned complexion, take a few rays of sunshine or book a few UV sessions before your union. Obviously, wedding makeup is not done in a snap. We advise you to carry out tests before the ceremony. Practice at home or make an appointment with the professional who will do your makeup for the event.

The day before, allow yourself a small facial treatment in the institute, in good hands. It will reduce your stress and wake up to a glowing complexion.

Nude or bright: for your wedding makeup?

For your wedding makeup, you will have the choice between several styles. This will obviously depend on your tastes, your habits and also your wedding theme. For the best day of your life don’t be afraid to change your habits. You must feel beautiful, you will be the center of attention.

For a rustic or bohemian wedding, we will prefer a natural makeup also called “nude”. It will show you off without overdoing it. For this, work your complexion in a luminous way with a BB cream, a concealer without forgetting the illuminator on your cheekbones. If you want to highlight your eyes, lightly apply eyeshadow with light shades (beige or slightly brown/golden). And the final touch: a little gloss to make your lips shiny.

bridal makeup

For a romantic themed wedding, choose a more vibrant eyeshadow color. Then make a nice line of eyeliner that will sublimate your look. For the blush, prefer pink or peach tones that will give you a real princess look. It’s up to you to see if you prefer to bet everything on the eyes and keep it simpler with natural-effect lips. Otherwise apply a red lipstick full of passion.

makeup for wedding

With a beautiful wedding makeup you will be perfect for the photos, taken just after the ceremony. In addition, these photos will allow you to personalize your wedding thank you cards to thank all the guests. Great no?

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